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This page should contain either a grid-like selection screen (as the dota wiki has) to easily select the hero you want to know more about, linking to their page, OR have a vertical table containing all the heroes and their summary information (stats, skills, and the like) which allows to know the needed info at the first glance but makes it harder to navigate. The choice should be made depending on how much relevant info the heroes will have.


As of 09 march 2018, there are said to be 44 heroes out of 116 available in dota. It's also said that Artifact will feature new heroes, who might be added back to Dota later (Sorla Khan is one of them, it seems)

List of heroes[edit]


Hero Color Spell Attack Armor Health Passive
Abaddon (Source) Green
Axe Red Berserker's Call 7 2 11 None
Beastmaster (Source) Red
Bristleback Red Viscous Nasal Goo 8 0 12 Barroom Brawler - Modify Bristleback with +2 armour after a hero blocking it dies.
Crystal Maiden Blue Frostbite 2 0 5
Drow Ranger (Source) Green
Earthshaker (Source) Blue
Kanna (Awaiting Source)
Legion commander Red 6 1 8 Moment of Courage - Retaliate 2.
Luna Blue Eclipse 3 0 8 Lucent Beam - Before the action phase, deal 1 piercing damage to a random enemy and add a charge to Eclipse card in your hand or deck.
Lycan Green 4 0 10 Feral Impulse - Lycan’s allied neighbours have +2 attack.
Necrophos (Source) Black
Ogre magi (Source) Blue
Phantom Assassin Black Coup de Grace 6 0 8 Efficient Killer - Phantom Assassin deals +4 damage when attacking a hero.
Rix Green Truth to Power 3 0 7 Relentless Rebel - Rapid deployment.
Sniper (Source) Black
Sorla Khan Red Assault Ladders 8 0 6 Warmonger - Sorla Khan deals +4 damage when attacking a tower.
Sven Red God’s Strength 5 0 11 Cleave
Venomancer (Source) Blue
Ursa (Source) Red
Zeus Blue Thunder God’s Wrath 3 0 7 Static Field - Deal 1 piercing damage to Zeus's enemy neighbors after you play a blue spell.


Those heroes are mentioned in art, abilities, or otherwise, but its unknown if they are / will be playable

Heroes with Portrait Art[edit]

Other Hero Appearances[edit]