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Artifact is a digital card game, announced to release in 2018.


From day9's explanation of the game:[edit]

  • There are three game boards that represent the lanes.
  • You control 5 heroes, just like DotA.
  • You can equip item cards on to the Heroes that you buy with gold.
  • There are creeps that spawn every turn
  • You can play creature cards.
  • You can play spells.
  • Some cards are cast on the lane and have persistent effects on that lane.
  • Each Hero has abilities like their DotA counterparts ("You can cast track on a Hero as Bounty Hunter and get extra Gold")

From Erik Robsons tweets[edit]

  • The cards are expected to have 3D models, though the exact way the system will work is not known (whether it's a 3d representation of the card, a 3d model depicting a hero, a 3d model inside the card, or anything in between. Reading the source tweet is encouraged)


  • Artifact is not one of the valve's three fully-fledged VR titles, but it is unknown if VR support is available.


  • Artifact most likely won't reuse assets from dota 2, given that artists were hired to make placeholder card images for the game.


  • Given info found in Dota 2's code, Artifact is likely to be a Source 2 title.

In this Github page, you can use the search function to find a reference to "DotaCardGameClient_001" on line 299. Note that it's not an official confirmation.


SirActionSlacks said in an interview, that took place around 10'th august 2017, that he was shown artifact "a couple months ago" He, and, presumably, other people who were shown artifact, are under a NDA.

From VP interviews[edit]

  • VirtusPro players are one of the first in the incoming alpha-testing, organization is in good contact with Valve
  • Game is "Already playable" at Valve HQ
  • Several people from WESA have tried the game, are excited