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Info Icon.png This page will be used during PAX WEST to contain all the information that can't be quickly found a place on the current wiki, and all the secondary information, such as statements by the devs and other things. The old page can be found in the discussion


  • It's possible to end the game in a draw if you blow up the enemy ancient/second tower at the same time (battle phase) as they do the same to you.
  • Heroes have their abilities on cooldown when the game starts.
  • Artifact will have text chat.
  • Turn timers: (from reddit, double check if possible)
    • You start off with 5 mins of available time.
    • Whenever its your turn to act (or shop, or deploy heroes), time taken is subtracted from your available time.
    • Any single action has a time limit of 45 secs, irrespective of total available time.
    • After 1 full round (all 3 lanes, shopping, deployment), 2 mins are added to your total available time.
  • Lore info about "houses" (colors) should be added somewhere.
  • attack arrows are place specific and not unit specific


  • Retaliate will deal damage even if the unit that's retaliating gets 0 damage (i.e. with
    Divine Purpose

    Divine Purpose


    Modify a unit with damage immunity

    Description BG.png

    [refresh card]
    on her will still deal retaliate damage).
  • Cleave does not increase the damage dealt to the card in front of it
  • "Holding" an item in the shop for 1 gold allows you to have it be available next shopping phase, instead of being randomized. Only works on secret shop (leftmost item)
  • The shop deck consists the secret shop, which selects a random item from the entire pool of all item cards with the exception of consumables (Find confirmation for this)
  • Spectating functionality is already implemented