Spells and Abilities

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Spells and Abilities are a special type of cards.

Different Types of Ability Cards[edit]

Color Name Description
Artifact Black.png Black Assassin’s Shade N/A
Artifact Black.png Black Assault Ladders Continuous effect: Allies deal +2 damage when attacking a tower.
Artifact Black.png Black Coup de Grace Condemn a hero. Discard a random card.
Artifact Black.png Black Day at the Track N/A
Artifact Black.png Black Grazing Shot N/A
Artifact Black.png Black Steam Cannon N/A
Artifact Black.png Black Trebuchets N/A
Artifact Blue.png Blue Annihilation N/A
Artifact Blue.png Blue Cunning Plan Swap a unit with one of its allied neighbours. Draw a card.
Artifact Blue.png Blue Dimensional Portal Summon three melee creeps.
Artifact Blue.png Blue Eclipse N/A
Artifact Blue.png Blue Firestorm N/A
Artifact Blue.png Blue Frostbite Deal 2 damage to a unit and disarm it this round.
Artifact Blue.png Blue Thunder God’s Wrath Deal 4 piercing damage to each enemy hero in all lanes.
Artifact Blue.png Blue Ventriloquy Choose a unit. It taunts.
Artifact Green.png Green Act of Defiance N/A
Artifact Green.png Green Aphotic Shield N/A
Artifact Green.png Green Divine Purpose N/A
Artifact Green.png Green Emissary of the Quorum N/A
Artifact Green.png Green Truth to Power Silence a unit this round.
Artifact Red.png Red Berserker's Call Choose an allied Artifact Red.png Red hero. It battles its enemy neighbors.
Artifact Red.png Red Defensive Stance N/A
Artifact Red.png Red God’s Strength N/A
Artifact Red.png Red New Orders Choose an ally. Choose a combat target for it.
Artifact Red.png Red Take Aim N/A
Artifact Red.png Red Time of Triumph N/A
Artifact Red.png Red Viscous Nasal Goo Modify a unit with -2 Armor icon.png Armor.