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This page should answer some of the questions you may have about the Wiki in general or how we run it.

Why should I create an account?Edit

Creating an account has serveral benefits:

  • Users can't directly see your IP address every time you make an edit
  • You can edit your preferences, e.g. enabling the dark theme or changing the default date format.

How do I create an account?Edit

You can create your account here.

I have been unrightfully banned, what should I do?Edit

It can happen that we accidently banned you during a spam wave or that a spammer used your IP address in the past.

Just contact us on our Discord server and we will assisst you as soon as possible.

When I edit a page, I often see curly brackets ({{...}}). What do they do?Edit

Those are templates. You can learn more about them here.

Why do you display cards with HTML code instead of just uploading the images?Edit

Even though it is more work initially, not displaying the cards as plain images provides serveral benefits:

  • You can copy & paste card descriptions, names, etc.
  • Card descriptions can link to pages on the Wiki
  • If a card gets slightly changed, we just need to adjust the values instead of reuploading the whole image
  • If Valve decides to change the card design, we just need to adjust the template instead of reuploading hundreds of images
  • If you have a slower internet connection, just the artworks will load slowly, you will still be able to read the descriptions quickly