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Boards are the main gameplay area of Artifact.

There are three boards (also known as "lanes") where Units and Heroes battle. The units on the board can be influenced by Spells and Items, while the board itself can be influenced by Improvements. Boards are played sequentially left to right.

Each lane has a Tower which is the main objective that the players have to destroy. After destroying one, it's replaced by an Ancient. Destroying a Second tower or the ancient Wins you the game.

There is no practical limit to how much different units can be on the same board at the same time. It's possible to scroll trough a lane to see the units that couldn't fit the screen otherwise.

Screenshot of the three lanes

Tips and Strategy[edit]

  • Overall, when deploying your heroes, one should consider that players tend to have more resources on the first lane. As players move from left to right, they both use up their cards, and on the third lane both players have fewer options on what spells and items to use. Keep this in mind while choosing where to apply pressure.
  • When playing against black heroes one should keep in mind the state of all three boards at once, as the ability to influence other lanes comes into play. Not doing so might result in a hero you thought was safe getting sniped across two lanes. When playing as black, use this to your advantage. Commonly black heroes are played on the third lane, to let them pick off enemy heroes who were injured in the previous lanes.