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This is a list of default keys for the PC version of Artifact. All keys are user-definable in the game Options menu and in the developer console.

Action Key/Button Command Remarks
Pass space ? Turn Token
Cancel Playing a Card Esc Back out of casting a spell.
Change Lane Left A
Alternate Left
Change Lane Right D
Alternate Right
Zoom In/Out ⇆ Tab ? Zooms the camera out from whichever lane you're in to see all three boards.
Move to the first lane 1
Move to the middle lane 2
Move to the last lane 3
Collapse / Open Shop Z
Hold Secret Shop Card X
Cycle Hand Sorting method H
Scroll Hand Left MWheelUp
Scroll Hand Right MWheelDown
Toggle Hand During Deployment C
Toggle Chat T
Open chatwheel G +chatwheel Hold to open a wheel of pre-made messages to send to your opponent.
Open history ⇆ Tab +History Hold to look at histry of cards played by both players.