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The content of this article hasn't been released yet. Artifact Red.png
This page might contain: Unconfirmed information, wild speculation, or merely be a placeholder until the content is released.

Replays are recorded games, that can be downloaded and watched trough the game client.

While confirmed to be available in the beta, the released version of Artifact does not yet have replay features available in the game client.

Replays are watched in the Spectator Mode, but unlike it, have multiple additional features.


Info Icon.png The following are assumptions made on what we know of Replay Systems in other Valve games.

Replays are available after the game in question is finished, the option to save them appears in the post-game screen.

Replays are saved server-side and can be accessed by anyone who has the correct replay-ID for the specific match.

All Valve-approved tournaments have the replay feature enabled.

Right now, the following Game-modes support Replays:



Info Icon.png The following are assumptions made on what we know of Replay Systems in other Valve games.

Just like a live spectated game, you can:

  • Watch the game from the available perspectives. Those include:
    • watching from the dire/radiant player perspective (hiding info that they couldn't see in game)
    • watching both players at once (no information is hidden)
    • watching the camera perspective of the auto-director, either of the players, the caster, or free-cam.
  • See the emotes and the text chat between players.
  • Listen to casters, if those are available for the game in question.
  • See the game stats during the game. (Usually only available after the match is concluded)

Unlike Live games, Replays allow:

  • To pause the game, skip forwards or backwards on the timeline or speed the game up, or perhaps even to skip to the next action taken, or to the specific point in the game (Start of a round, lane, or other)
  • Replays for older versions of the game are kept, and compatibility features are in place to make sure that the games are still available for viewing.

While not confirmed, it also might be possible to:

  • Invite friends to watch replays together with you, or even replay the game itself from a certain point, assuming the positions of two players.