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Please share your thoughts, I'm still not sure if this page needs to exist or if we can just put this info somewhere else. I think having this page accessible from the Artifact page is enough.


  • System requirements are pulled from few different games from Steam store. I expect artifact to list the same thing.
  • the "keybinds" page - not sure if we require that page to be a separate thing, too. But I imagine listing all keys on a page with other info will be confusing, so i'll leave it for now.
  • Look for a way to show the System reqirements side-to-side, so to make it easier to compare. - done, seems fine for now. Might require some re-wording. not sure about:
    • "parts" heading might need re-wording.
    • Operating system is a reqirement stated in the steamstore, but there's also different pages of requirements for win/linux/mac, so we might need to copy it a few times for each system
    • Doesn't look as good without text in it.

--Breezing wing (talk) 15:17, 2 October 2017 (EDT)