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Welcome, one and all! Below is a grand to-do list of all known issues that need to be addressed on the Artifact Wiki. Feel free to take any item for your own; be sure to put your username in the rightmost column when you do so, so that future contributions can be coordinated.

Anyone can add items to this list; please speak up on the Discord if you're unsure under which section heading it should go.

To-Do List

Meta Items
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)
Complete Make a todo list. ✓ User:Breezing wing, User:Tim3303
Complete Revamp the to-do list. Now with tables and status! User:Ketura
Perpetually In Progress Expand the to-do list as needed The wiki is an ongoing project. Add items as needed, and update the status of items on this list as appropriate.
Incomplete Improve Help:Getting_started Grease the wheels of those who come after, and help reduce the barrier of entry to meaningful contribution.
Incomplete Evaluate the card layout generators Once upon a time, cards had to be generated from spotty screenshots and HTML templates. Now that the game is released, we have a treasure trove of API-provided JPEGs instead. The wiki currently uses the JPEGs as a cheap and easy way of presenting the cards, but there were some advantages to the old system as well. Evaluate whether the effort should be put in to restore card template generation, or whether to use hard-coded images instead.
Incomplete Evaluate card infoboxes Right now all card pages present a JPEG of the card and nothing more. If the HTML template system comes back, then more information can be presented on the card itself, but there's also another way used by wikis of all sizes: infoboxes. Evaluate whether or not a fully fleshed out infobox like the one on this page could be used instead.
Incomplete Look into language support Sprechen sie Deutsch?
Incomplete Look into Decks Deck support technically exists, but is not utilized and may need revamped with the new cargo tables. Figure out the details and create a way to easily represent a deck on the wiki.

Technical / Cargo Items
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)
Incomplete Cargo database documentation Write/revamp some documentation/tutorials for the cargo tables and all the directly related templates, so anyone with at least a little programming savvy can utilize the power of #cargo_query.
Incomplete Clean up obsolete templates The Templates page has gotten cluttered with obsolete and inconsistent templates. Rip out the ones that aren't needed or flag them for removal, and whip the rest into shape, with the aim of keeping templates as consistent and intuitive as possible.
Incomplete Template documentation Come with a cohesive template documentation scheme and stick to it--preferably by moving away from the /Doc format and embedding documentation into each template page itself, to cut down on the namespace clutter above.
Incomplete Evaluate the use of Lua functions Now that the new cargo layout is in force, much of the work that was previously wrapped away in Lua functions can now instead be done with cargo queries and plain old wiki templates. Evaluate what of the old codebase should be preserved, what should be reworked, and what should be kicked to the curb.
Incomplete Card popups Having an image of the card popup on hover over certain links is unequivocally a useful feature that has been lost with the cargo update. Identify what must be done to restore it; this will likely depend heavily on the results of other evaluation items on this to-do list.
Complete Add cargo table to Heroes Replace the manually-created table with one utilizing #cargo_query to reduce the future maintenance load. User:Ketura
Complete Add cargo table to Creeps Replace the manually-created table with one utilizing #cargo_query to reduce the future maintenance load. User:Ketura
Complete Add cargo table to Spells Replace the manually-created table with one utilizing #cargo_query to reduce the future maintenance load. User:Ketura
Complete Add cargo table to Improvements Replace the manually-created table with one utilizing #cargo_query to reduce the future maintenance load. User:Ketura
Complete Add cargo table to Items Replace the manually-created table with one utilizing #cargo_query to reduce the future maintenance load. User:Ketura
Incomplete Add cargo table to Illustrator pages Add cargo tables to each illustrator page which display the cards illustrated by each artist.
Incomplete Add cargo table to all mechanical keyword pages Each page listed on Mechanics could do with a #cargo_query table to list the cards that contain each keyword.
In Progress Rename "Creature" to "Creep" wherever it shows up Old templates erroneously used "Creature", where "Creep" is the term that was officially settled on by Valve. Most overt references have already been ripped out, but the templates themselves remain and should have all their references routed to correctly-named templates before being flagged for deletion themselves.

ArtificerBot Migration Issues
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)
Incomplete Add missing PlusMana keywords Go to each card that uses the phrasing "restore your Tower's Mana" and add "PlusMana" to the card's Keywords entry. This was missing at the time of ArtificerBot's upload.
Incomplete Keyword validation Go to this page and go down each card and validate that the keywords generated make sense for the card in question. Some combinations in particular are difficult to parse--for instance, Winter's Curse has language specifying a unit's friendly neighbors, but from the perspective of the person playing the card, it actually affects enemy neighbors, so should have the EnemyNeighbors keyword rather than AlliedNeighbors.
Incomplete Manually verify ArtificerBot's work ArtificerBot has done work that would take dozens or hundreds of man-hours to complete, but it's no genius (and neither is its author). Go through each card and perform the following checklist.
Incomplete Compare the article's history to the first entry before ArtificerBot modified it. If there is any pertinent information that was erroneously overwritten, copy that information back into the new article. Emphasis on pertinent, some information was systematically omitted on purpose due to it being frivolous or redundant, so use your head (or ask).
Incomplete Evaluate the stinger (the portion of the article that is written at the top, before any headers). A new stinger format was designed for all articles that contains all the summary information needed in a consistent format across the wiki. However, ArtificerBot could not always detect if the existing stinger contained information that should be included or not, so when in doubt it preserved both the new stinger (on top) and the old stinger (on the bottom). If the bottom stinger has anything useful, work it into the new stinger. Either way, delete it once you're done.
Incomplete ArtificerBot includes some empty sections to be used when you are manually merging information. If there are blank, unused sections, delete them for clarity's sake.
Incomplete Delete the {{AutomaticallyGenerated}} tag from the start of the article once you are convinced that everything is as it should be.
Incomplete While you're at it, see if there's anything you can do to substantially improve the article of the page you're on. If so, go ahead and start writing!

General Article Issues
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)
In Progress Bring the wiki into the modern era When this wiki began, it was documenting a game that was in a closed beta, and so all articles were written couched in speculative and frugal language ("unreleased content", etc). Now that the game is released, all language needs to be updated to reflect the game's present existence and not a theoretical future. Get rid of all "the game appears to" type language and document the game as it exists today.
In Progress Rip out the Unreleased Content Template Related to the item above, a template was created to mark unreleased content that was in a state of flux. The template itself may be useful for future cards, but all currently existing articles that utilize it are ripe for rewriting and having this template removed. User:Ketura
Incomplete Nuke Known information Related to the items above, take the information on the Known Information page, validate it, stick it on the appropriate page if it warrants saving, and then flag the page itself for removal once this has been done.
Incomplete Rework the Main Page This is the first thing anyone sees, and it could use an update. Organize a more inviting layout that summarizes the game, acts as a navigational entry point for browsing, and is built to draw people in.
Incomplete Remove all the "upcoming" speculation language as mentioned above.
Incomplete Change the "latest card" readout to a "random card" readout, to act as a draw. If randomization is too hard, set up a "card of the day" or similar readout instead, and update it regularly.
Incomplete Design a navigation layout and stick to it The best wikis have a logical "flow" to them, some sort of structure or hierarchy that dictates how pages link to one another. Many times this is done through the help of breadcrumb templates at the bottom of related pages, but not always. Map out and organize all of the Mechanics-related pages, take stock of the different ways cards can be listed, and organize a structure that is easy to navigate and doesn't rely on the user frequently using the god-awful search bar or special pages to get to standard articles.
Incomplete Transcribe basic glossary information Take the file located at /steamapps/common/Artifact/game/dcg/panorama/localization/dcg_glossary_english.txt, transcribe each entry into the Mechanics page, and then ensure that this information is also contained on the individual articles for each concept.
Incomplete Expand the articles linked in the Sidebar The links in the sidebar are a good start for navigation purposes, but the articles themselves leave something to be desired. Each of the following articles should be updated with approachability in mind, since each could literally be the first thing anyone clicks on when entering the wiki for the first time.
Incomplete The Heroes article needs fleshed out. Add information breaking down the card layout, mechanical interactions, and general strategic information.
Incomplete The Creeps article needs fleshed out. Add information breaking down the card layout, mechanical interactions, and general strategic information.
Incomplete The Spells article needs fleshed out. Add information breaking down the card layout, mechanical interactions, and general strategic information.
Incomplete The Improvements article needs fleshed out. Add information breaking down the card layout, mechanical interactions, and general strategic information.
Incomplete The Items article needs fleshed out. Add information breaking down the card layout, mechanical interactions, and general strategic information.
Incomplete The Mechanics article needs revamped. This may be addressed in other to-do items, but it is paramount that this page be both a good reference hub and high-level introduction to the game.
Incomplete Design and create Lists of Cards The power of #cargo_query compels you! With the cargo databases (and the Keywords analysis), the ways to divide up all the cards in the game are myriad. Come up with useful lists that would be nice to have when theorycrafting a new deck, for instance "List of Black Cards", and create pages and cargo tables for those lists. This is something that will likely need coordinated and discussed on the Discord.
Incomplete Add Ability articles "Abilities" were lumped in with "Spells" for some reason when the wiki was formed, but this has proven to be an inaccurate concept. Remove the redirects and flesh out an article or series of articles as needed to explain the different kinds of abilities, their mechanics, and so on.
In Progress Create Lanes article Take the content from Boards and move it to a properly-named article, and revamp its content. // The article has been migrated to Lanes, but its content has not been revamped. User:Ketura
Incomplete Create a starting decks article Catalog all the cards the player has when they first purchase Artifact, and create an article that lists these cards for easy reference to new players.
Incomplete Catalog Call to Arms decks Catalog all the cards in each of the Call to Arms event decks for easy reference.
Incomplete Write Play Mode articles Create articles for each play mode.
Incomplete Write Marketplace articles Create an article explaining the Steam Community Marketplace. Revamp Artifact Store or merge it with this new article.
Incomplete Revamp Game System articles Game System is situated to be a hub page related to all different areas of the game client, but its articles lack much info. Add copious amounts of screenshots and explanations for navigation and functionality to all articles, add any systems that are missing, and then consider renaming the hub article to something a little more intuitive.

General Card Issues
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)
Incomplete Add summaries to each Hero page Heroes are among the higher profile cards in the game. Each should have at least a few lines describing them on their main page.
Incomplete Add strategy information to all card pages (ongoing) Each card has a dedicated /Strategy page that can contain a variety of information relating to usage, counters, and other strategic considerations. Come up with a consistent template to apply, and start compiling useful strategy info.
Incomplete Migrate Dota 2 Lore information Most of the heroes and many of the other cards in Artifact have counterparts in Dota 2. Find the lore on the Dota 2 wiki or elsewhere and migrate it here on the /Lore pages of the appropriate cards.
Incomplete Move or write changelog information Before ArtificerBot ran the first time, changelog information was stored in the Misc section of each card. A /Changelog page has been generated for each card; move the changelog info to this page and expand it where possible.
Incomplete Organize the audio responses All audio responses were uploaded by ArtificerBot in the order they appear in the transcription files. These can be divided into sections, and further information added such as which character or scenario the voice line is in response to.
Incomplete Fix all missing audio references Many cards, such as Conflagration, have voice lines that were organized in the game directory structure under other characters, in this case Crystal Maiden (firestorm_intro). All cards have at least one response line (their lore being read): find which page they've been sorted onto and copy that information back into the proper audio page.
Incomplete Decide how to display truly missing audio files Some cards have voice line transcriptions for audio files that don't exist (for scrapped or delayed content). Right now it links to a missing file; figure out a better way to display and organize such information.
Incomplete Create individual illustrator pages Category:Illustrators contains a list of artists pulled straight from the card db using cargo. Create pages for all illustrators who do not have one.
In Progress Add reveal date + link to all new cards Anywhere it's feasible, add a line to a card's Misc section indicating where and when a card was first revealed, for historical purposes.

Individual Card Issues
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)
Incomplete Upload Meepo's additional card artwork Meepo has two variants of his card art, which is represented in the game files but not the official API images. Upload those images and figure out a way to present the card variants in a well-organized manner.
Incomplete Upload Melee Creep's additional card artwork Melee Creeps come in both Radiant and Dire flavors, but the API only includes the Radiant variety. Dire flavors exist in the game files, which should be uploaded to the card page and displayed in a well-organized manner.
Incomplete Upload art for the directional arrows and create a page for them The game API includes images for each directional arrow, a total of 16 images between both Radiant and Dire. Upload these images, add them to a page, and write something up about the directional arrow mechanics.