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Documentation for Template:Patch [edit] [edit doc]

Use this template for patches in the Patch: namespace. Each patch should have its date in the form YYYY-MM-DD as pagename.


Patch List ← Last Patch Update 7.08b Next Patch → Update 1.1 Artifact update page Steam update page GitHub update commit Reddit patch analysis

Patch notes

  • This is a test.
  • This is also a test.


|date     = <date YYYY-MM-DD>
|last     = <date of last patch YYYY-MM-DD>
|artifact = <link to the Artifact update page>
|steam    = <link to the Steam update page>
|gitHub   = <link or commit string of the game tracker>
|reddit   = <link to reddit patch analysis>
|version  = <update version, e.g. 1.01b>
|patchnotes = <patch notes>}}