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"Each lane contains an allied tower that must be defended and an enemy tower that must be destroyed. The objective of the game is to destroy any 2 enemy towers. The tower can be a target of some spells and abilites."

- Artifact Tooltip

A Tower is present in every lane in Artifact. They are the main objective of the game, and so every strategy has to have a plan for protecting your towers and destroying those of the enemy. After you destroyed a tower, the Ancient will be exposed on that lane. Destroying two towers or the Ancient will win you the game.

A radiant tower.

Every Tower starts with 40 health. To attack it, a unit must simply not have an attack target that round, which is easier said than done. Other ways to damage Towers include Siege Damage and Certain specific cards.

The Ancient[edit]

The Ancient acts exactly like a tower, but has twice the health, at 80.

Excess Tower damage (Overkill damage) does not carry over to the Ancient.

Cards that affect Towers[edit]