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File Name Transcription
intro As a child I was baptized in the Font of Avernus...it's black mist embracing me...enveloping me... becoming one with me. As a man I have wielded its power to defend the House of Avernus, and build a legacy that will never be forgotten. But rumors have reached my ears.... rumors that indicate that my familial font is not the only source of the mist... if this is true I must find it and consume it. For its blessings must remain mine alone.
mist_of_avernus_intro True power awaits those who bathe in the Mist of Avernus
avernus_blessing_intro Even the smallest kiss from the black Mist of Avernus can be enough to grant you the strength to destroy your enemies.
aphotic_shield_intro Those with the gall to strike at the Lord of Avernus will pay for their transgressions.
use_ability_01 No one will harm me.
use_ability_02 My power is unmatched.
use_ability_03 Death holds no power over me.
use_ability_04 Behold the power of Avernus.
use_ability_05 I fear no blade.
equip_generic_weapon_01 This will serve me well.
equip_generic_weapon_02 Our enemies will weep.
equip_generic_weapon_03 We'll show them no quarter.
equip_generic_weapon_04 This suits me.
equip_generic_weapon_05 To battle!
equip_generic_armor_01 No enemy shall harm me.
equip_generic_armor_02 My enemies will gaze upon me in fear.
equip_generic_armor_03 Thank you.
equip_generic_armor_04 This is what I needed.
equip_generic_armor_05 Perfect.
equip_generic_accessory_01 This is befitting the Lord of Avernus.
equip_generic_accessory_02 I'll use it to my advantage.
equip_generic_accessory_03 This will give me the edge I need.
equip_generic_accessory_04 Excellent.
equip_generic_accessory_05 I am stronger now.
kill_rival_01 The enemies of my House will be brought low.
kill_rival_02 This battlefield is mine to control.
kill_rival_03 I'll run you down!
kill_rival_04 Only a fool would stand against the House of Avernus.
kill_rival_05 No one can match my skill!
kill_rival_06 Victory is at hand.
kill_rival_07 I'll cut you down!
kill_rival_08 Death comes for you
kill_rival_09 I fear no death...you on the other hand...
kill_rival_10 None will stand against me and survive.
use_include_01 A shield impenetrable.
use_include_02 The mists will protect me.
use_include_03 The mists will protect you.
unique_01 I can show them my power.
unique_02 Perhaps I'll remind them of my power.
unique_03 The power of Avernus is unquestionable.
unique_04 Come my friends, and bathe in the mist.
unique_05 Let the Mist of Avernus make you strong.
unique_06 My allies will receive the blessings of Avernus.
unique_07 Only I can truly master the Mist of Avernus.
unique_08 The mist has blessed me with power, and I will not squander it.
unique_09 You were weak Maiden, but now you are strong.
unique_10 The power is intoxicating, is it not Traxex?
unique_11 You defile my familial right!
unique_12 How dare you use my mist against me!
unique_13 THE POWER!
unique_14 Feel the might of Avernus!
unique_15 Soon you will see the power of Avernus
unique_16 In time, no one will be able to stop us.
unique_17 Fear my army!
unique_18 See how our power grows!
unique_19 Who can stand against this army?!
unique_20 We will destroy the enemies of Avernus.
healed_01 Ahhh
healed_02 That's better.
healed_03 Good.
healed_04 Appreciated.
healed_05 My steed and I thank you.
taunt_generic_01 For the house of Avernus!
taunt_generic_02 We ride to battle!
taunt_generic_03 I will not fail my House!
taunt_generic_04 Victory is ours to take!
taunt_generic_05 We will not fail!
taunt_generic_06 Glory awaits the House of Avernus.
taunt_generic_07 Death to our enemies!
taunt_generic_08 Destroy their tower!
taunt_generic_09 Crush the ancient!
taunt_generic_10 Bring them low!
potential_kill_01 You thought you would survive?
potential_kill_02 I don't think so.
potential_kill_03 This isn't over yet.
potential_kill_04 You thought you were so clever didn't you?
potential_kill_05 My victory is inevitable.
potential_save_01 Just what I needed.
potential_save_02 You cannot kill me.
potential_save_03 I fear no death.
potential_save_04 The mist will protect me.
potential_save_05 You dare try to kill the Lord of Avernus?
permanent_armor_01 None shall harm me.
permanent_armor_02 The mist protects me.
permanent_armor_03 I will be a force to be feared.
permanent_armor_04 No one will get past me.
permanent_armor_05 I fear no enemy.
permanent_attack_01 I can barely contain my power.
permanent_attack_02 My power grows.
permanent_attack_03 Fear the Lord of Avernus.
permanent_attack_04 New power stirs within me.
permanent_attack_05 Even now my strength grows.
permanent_health_01 Yes...
permanent_health_02 I'll fight as along as I can.
permanent_health_03 I feel stronger by the moment.
permanent_health_04 The Lord of Avernus will never fall.
permanent_health_05 I feel invigorated.
cast_spell_01 behold my power!
cast_spell_02 The mists will not be denied.
cast_spell_03 We will destroy our enemies!
cast_spell_04 No one will stop us!
cast_spell_05 Your fate was foretold in the mist.
cast_spell_06 Soon you will know defeat.
cast_spell_07 The house of Avernus will show you no quarter.
cast_spell_08 All who oppose us will be destroyed!
cast_spell_09 Gaze on my power.
cast_spell_10 You should fear us.
death_01 Screams