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The Artifact Store is the in-game micropayment service that allows players to purchase various goods with their Steam Wallet money. It is not a unified location but a set of link icons in the lower left-hand corner of the main screen, each of which leads to a different item for purchase.

The first link permits purchase of Event Tickets, 5 for USD$4.95, and the second to Booster Packs, 1 for USD$1.99.

Note that this is separate from the Marketplace, where individual cards can be bought and sold with other players.

Unreleased Content[edit]

  • Valve has not yet announced a decision over whether cards will ever be tradeable via Steam Community Trading.
  • Opening Booster Packs will be spectateable.
  • The inclusion of various cosmetic items is confirmed, but there isn't any solid information on what exact things are planned, and when will they become available.