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This is a wiki about Artifact, a game by Valve announced to release in 2018

This wiki was created by Mpcovcd in August of 2017. The goal of this wiki is to provide a forum for the future players of Artifact, so that all information about this game can be easily categorized, allowing new and hardcore players alike for a place to learn more about the gameplay, mechanics, and lore of the game.

While the game is not out yet, you can still help! Make your own pages or help shape the existing ones. Not sure what to do? You can always ask on a discussion page for the given topic, or message a mod:


  • Quick guide on how to get started: Help:Getting started - Needs to be expanded!
  • Quick guide on how to edit wikis
  • Perhaps link some interesting pages, maybe stat-related
  • Perhaps this page can maintain a list (or link to one) of all the tasks that are in need of doing.