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The Base Set is the term for the core cards included by default in Artifact. It includes non-collectable cards such as Melee Creep, and also the bare minimum filler cards needed to build a deck, such as default weapons and the default heroes of each color.

List of cards[edit]

Card Color Rarity Text
Battlefield Control [[Battlefield Control]] Blue Blue Basic Basic Choose a unit. Choose a combat target for it.

Debbi the Cunning [[Debbi the Cunning]] Black Black Basic Basic Debbi the Cunning deals +2 damage when attacking a hero or tower.

Farvhan the Dreamer [[Farvhan the Dreamer]] Green Green Basic Basic Farvhan the Dreamer's allied neighbors have +1 Armor.

Fighting Instinct [[Fighting Instinct]] Red Red Basic Basic Modify a Red Red hero with +1 Attack and +1 Armor.

Fountain Flask [[Fountain Flask]] {{}} Basic Basic Fully heal a unit.

Healing Salve [[Healing Salve]] {{}} Basic Basic Heal a unit 6.

J'Muy the Wise [[J'Muy the Wise]] Blue Blue Basic Basic Active Cooldown 4: Draw a card.

Keefe the Bold [[Keefe the Bold]] Red Red Basic Basic

Leather Armor [[Leather Armor]] {{}} Basic Basic Equipped hero has +1 Armor.

Melee Creep [[Melee Creep]] {{}} Basic Basic

No Accident [[No Accident]] Black Black Basic Basic Deal 3 damage to a unit.

Potion of Knowledge [[Potion of Knowledge]] {{}} Basic Basic Draw a card.

Prowler Vanguard [[Prowler Vanguard]] Green Green Basic Basic Prowler Vanguard's allied neighbors have +1 Armor.

Short Sword [[Short Sword]] {{}} Basic Basic Equipped hero has +2 Attack.

Town Portal Scroll [[Town Portal Scroll]] {{}} Basic Basic Return an allied hero to the Fountain.

Traveler's Cloak [[Traveler's Cloak]] {{}} Basic Basic Equipped hero has +4 Health.

Zombie [[Zombie]] Black Black Basic Basic