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"When blocked during the combat phase, in addition to battle damage to the blocking unit, also deal the cleave damage to to that unit's neighbors"

- Artifact tooltip

Units with cleave also deal damage to adjacent enemy units in the combat phase. Cleave does not apply when attacking a tower directly.

Cleave is shown as two smaller arrows next to your main attack direction indicator.

Cleave does not deal additional damage to your main target.

Cleave as it appears in game

Cards with cleave[edit]

Card Color Rarity Text
Blade of the Vigil Blade of the Vigil {{}} Common Common Equipped hero has +2 Attack and +2 Cleave.

Champion of the Ancient Champion of the Ancient Green Green Rare Rare Play Effect: Modify Champion of the Ancient with +1 Attack, +1 Health, and +1 Cleave for each enemy.

Clear the Deck Clear the Deck Red Red Common Common Give allied heroes +4 Cleave this round.

Empower Empower Green Green Common Common Modify a unit with +3 Attack and +3 Cleave.

Grand Melee Grand Melee Red Red Rare Rare If there is an allied Red Red hero in this lane, all heroes have +2 Cleave.

Sven Sven Red Red Common Common Sven has +X Cleave where X is equal to half its Attack.

Time of Triumph Time of Triumph Red Red Rare Rare Modify allied heroes with +4 Attack, +4 Armor, +4 Health, +4 Cleave, +4 Retaliate, and +4 Siege.