Damage Immunity

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Damage immunity makes a unit unable to take any damage.

Units can still be Healed, be condemned and targeted by damaging spells like Frostbite to inflict status effects like Disarm.

Cards with Damage Immunity[edit]

Card Color Rarity Text
Abaddon Abaddon Green Green Uncommon Uncommon Active Cooldown 2: Fully heal Abaddon and give it Damage Immunity this round.

Astral Imprisonment Astral Imprisonment Blue Blue Uncommon Uncommon Stun a unit this round. Give that unit Damage Immunity this round.

Divine Intervention Divine Intervention Green Green Uncommon Uncommon Give allies Damage Immunity this round.

Divine Purpose Divine Purpose Green Green Rare Rare Modify a unit with Damage Immunity.

Hand of God Hand of God Green Green Rare Rare Fully heal each ally. Give allies Damage Immunity this round.