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File Name Transcription
intro The Red Mist slowly marches to Stonehall. The Bronze Legion plans an ambush in Roseleaf. But the denizens of that Vhoul city do not take kindly to occupation and have sparked an insurrection. Three factions. One battlefield. And not a strategic mind between them. I will defeat these charlatans of war. And in doing so, prove my brilliance.
ion_shell_intro A thug knows only how to swing a sword... he gives no thought into the consequences... this predictable behavior is easily exploited.
foresight The Oracle claims to see every eventuality; if true such a man could be a powerful ally... or at the very least a foe worth testing myself against.
use_ability_01 Surge!
use_ability_02 Move into position!
use_ability_03 They never saw this coming.
use_ability_04 Behold my brilliance!
use_ability_05 I define the battlefield.
equip_generic_weapon_01 I'll make good use of this.
equip_generic_weapon_02 My enemies will fall.
equip_generic_weapon_03 Ready for war.
equip_generic_weapon_04 Soon my enemies will meet defeat.
equip_generic_weapon_05 This is my battlefield.
equip_generic_armor_01 A tactician must always be protected.
equip_generic_armor_02 I come prepared.
equip_generic_armor_03 I will survive this battle.
equip_generic_armor_04 Perfect.
equip_generic_armor_05 Just as I planned.
equip_generic_accessory_01 Just what I needed.
equip_generic_accessory_02 I'll use this wisely.
equip_generic_accessory_03 I won't be leaving the field anytime soon.
equip_generic_accessory_04 Befitting of my genius.
equip_generic_accessory_05 I'm ready for anything.
kill_rival_01 You won't survive.
kill_rival_02 I planned this perfectly.
kill_rival_03 You never had a chance.
kill_rival_04 This lane belongs to me.
kill_rival_05 Any who oppose me will be destroyed.
kill_rival_06 This war was over before it began.
kill_rival_07 No one can match my tactical brilliance.
kill_rival_08 You are not my equal.
kill_rival_09 I'll make your death quick.
kill_rival_10 I know how to get my hands dirty...
use_include_01 Those with the audacity to strike us will pay.
use_include_02 Ion shell!
use_include_03 I dare you to attack me!
unique_01 You think your feeble mind could siege Stonehall?
unique_02 You're a brute Sorla, nothing more.
unique_03 Your rebellion is doomed to fail.
unique_04 You fight with passion, not intelligence Rix.
unique_05 Your war is futile Tresdin.
unique_06 I would be better suited to lead the Bronze Legion.
unique_07 You call yourself a champion?
unique_08 Axe you couldn't even spell victory, let alone achieve it.
unique_09 Your death will cost them a terrible price.
unique_10 Rix, follow my orders and you will win this battle.
unique_11 Our enemies will face a nasty little surprise.
unique_12 Trust me Ursa, this is the path that leads to victory.
unique_13 It was wise of you to seek my aid.
unique_14 I will deliver you victory.
unique_15 All who oppose you will die.
unique_16 See how your power grows.
unique_17 Mazzie, I will make you feared.
unique_18 None will dare attack you.
unique_19 Let me show you how to get the most out of your armor.
unique_20 The more they attack, the more they will regret it.
healed_01 Ahhh.
healed_02 A wise decision.
healed_03 A smart investment
healed_04 I feel better.
healed_05 I'm ready to fight.
taunt_generic_01 This battle is already won!
taunt_generic_02 My cunning is without equal.
taunt_generic_03 Victory is upon us.
taunt_generic_04 I will lead us to victory.
taunt_generic_05 Follow my plans, and no one can stop us.
taunt_generic_06 I'm the greatest military mind in generations.
taunt_generic_07 Our army is without equal.
taunt_generic_08 We will win this battle.
taunt_generic_09 I have planned for every outcome.
taunt_generic_10 This is ours to win.
potential_kill_01 You can't outsmart me.
potential_kill_02 There's no escaping me.
potential_kill_03 I've plotted your death for a while.
potential_kill_04 You've fallen into my trap.
potential_kill_05 No one can outsmart me!
potential_save_01 I have contingencies for everything.
potential_save_02 I always plan ahead.
potential_save_03 You think I wasn't prepared for this?
potential_save_04 Like your feeble mind could conceive a plot to defeat me.
potential_save_05 Your efforts are pedestrian.
permanent_armor_01 Let's see them try to harm me now.
permanent_armor_02 Survival is my first priority.
permanent_armor_03 I'll be ready for anything.
permanent_armor_04 They will come for me, but I will be ready.
permanent_armor_05 It's all part of my plan.
permanent_attack_01 I'm stronger now.
permanent_attack_02 My brilliance grows.
permanent_attack_03 I become even more lethal.
permanent_attack_04 Our enemies will be dead soon.
permanent_attack_05 They underestimated me, as always.
permanent_health_01 I grow tougher.
permanent_health_02 I'm more resilient by the day.
permanent_health_03 Death will not find me.
permanent_health_04 I'll fight as long as I can.
permanent_health_05 I feel a surge of vitality.
cast_spell_01 I've thought of everything.
cast_spell_02 Let's see if they saw this coming.
cast_spell_03 They’re not ready for this...
cast_spell_04 Let's see if they have an answer to this!
cast_spell_05 Feel my power!
cast_spell_06 Behold!
cast_spell_07 No one is my equal!
cast_spell_08 I control this battlefield
cast_spell_09 Fear me!
cast_spell_10 There's nothing I haven't planned for!
death_01 screams