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Deckbuilder is the place where any player can view their card collection and create their decks, which is required to play most of Artifact's gamemodes.

Leaked deckbuilder image of 2018-07-22



You can sort your collection by:


You can search for specific cards, by using their name or card text. These results are affected by how you sorted your cards.

Card view[edit]

Card view allows you to take a closer look at the card, it's stats, and it's card text. You're also presented by the lore attached to each card, and Hero cards have their Signature cards readily available.


"Buy cards" and "Sell cards" buttons are readily available. next to them, "Build deck" button is also seen, which either:

  • Auto completes a deck
  • Enables a Deck-building Assistant
  • Toggles between Card-preview mode and Deck editing mode

Deck preview[edit]

In the Deck preview, you can see:

  • Five hero slots, 3 of which are chosen for turn 1, one - for turn 2, and the last for turn 3.
  • A list of used cards.
  • Buttons intended for sharing a deck - "Save As", "Load", and "Clear"
  • Deck Stats, including:
    • A mana curve
    • Count of Cards and items
    • Count of Items of each category
    • Counts of Creatures, Spells, and Improvements.
Deckbuilder as shown in IGN video of 2018-10-15

Deck requirements[edit]

  • The deck has to have no more and no less than 5 Heroes
  • Non-Hero Cards have a limit of 3 duplicates that you can have in a deck. Heroes can't have duplicates.
    • It's unknown if Item cards can have duplicates in a deck at this point.
  • The deck has to be at least 40 cards. There is no upper limit.
    • The Hero cards and Item cards don't count towards this limit, but the Hero-Specific cards that come with the Heroes - Do. You'll have to choose 25 other cards after picking your five Heroes.