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For the results of a tie, see Mechanics#Victory Condition.

Draw is a keyword that makes the player to take the top card from their draw deck and put it into their hand.

This effect occurs naturally at the start of the Action phase of the leftmost lane, Drawing each player two cards.

Cards with Draw[edit]

Card Color Rarity Text
Arcane Assault Arcane Assault Blue Blue Common Common Deal 2 damage to the enemy tower. Draw a card.

Initiative Get initiative.

Cloak of Endless Carnage Cloak of Endless Carnage {{}} Rare Rare Equipped hero has +8 Health. Draw a card after an allied neighbor of equipped hero dies.

Compel Compel Blue Blue Uncommon Uncommon Choose a unit. Choose a combat target for it. Draw a card.

Cunning Plan Cunning Plan Blue Blue Common Common Swap a unit with one of its allied neighbors. Draw a card.

Diabolic Revelation Diabolic Revelation Blue Blue Uncommon Uncommon Draw 2 cards. Deal 2 damage to allies in all lanes.

Foresight Foresight Blue Blue Common Common Draw 2 cards.

Howling Mind Howling Mind Blue Blue Uncommon Uncommon You and your opponent draw an extra card each round.

J'Muy the Wise J'Muy the Wise Blue Blue Basic Basic Active Cooldown 4: Draw a card.

Lich Lich Black Black Rare Rare Active Cooldown 2: Condemn another ally and draw a card. If that ally has 6 or more Attack, draw an extra card.

Potion of Knowledge Potion of Knowledge {{}} Basic Basic Draw a card.

Smash Their Defenses! Smash Their Defenses! Red Red Uncommon Uncommon Condemn an improvement. Pulse.png Draw a card.

Spot Weakness Spot Weakness Red Red Uncommon Uncommon Give a hero and its allied neighbors Pierce this round. Draw a card.

The Omexe Arena The Omexe Arena Red Red Uncommon Uncommon Draw a card after a hero dies.

Troll Soothsayer Troll Soothsayer Blue Blue Uncommon Uncommon Draw an extra card each round.

Unearthed Secrets Unearthed Secrets Green Green Rare Rare Draw a card after the combat phase if your tower was dealt damage this round.

Watchtower Watchtower Blue Blue Rare Rare Whenever an enemy improvement enters this lane, draw a card.