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Erik Robson
Position: Game designer/Artist
Project(s): Valve:

Double Fine Productions:

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Steam ErikRobson
Twitter @ErikRobson


Erik Robson Is a game designer/artist at Valve Software, Currently working on Artifact. [1]

"After earning a Master’s in Sculpture in 1996, Erik made the most of that degree by working cash registers and designing web pages. As creatively satisfying as those occupations were, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he should be doing more with his life. He spent six months creating Quake levels and, in 1998, landed a job designing levels for Cyclone Studios’ Requiem. For the next 12 years he served as Lead Designer at 3DO and Double Fine Productions. Finally, in 2010, he dragged his wife up to the Pacific Northwest and took a job at Valve."

- People at Valve - Erik Robson

Development insight[edit]

Erik Robson via Twitter:

  • 0/6: I never tweet about work anymore. So here's a quick work thread about making fx on Artifact, Valve's Dota card game.
  • 1/6: Game effects (particles, overlays, screen fx) actively straddle this line between spectacle and interface.
  • 2/6: Make it pretty, but also provide satisfying and punchy visual feedback for each user action.
  • 3/6: One of the challenges I'm wrestling with on Artifact right now involves very strict (and SHORT) durations for effects.
  • 4/6: Often, these effects need to play concurrently with anims, making for a lot of movement and visual info packed into 0.5 - 1 sec.
  • 5/6: So I'm trying to use distinctive card overlays to deliver info about status effects without having to rely on lots of motion.
  • 6/6: The only downside so far: I'm fast at making effects but terribly slow at making textures - temp productivity hit, hopefully worth it.