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"Heal" is a keyword that allows the player to restore health of their damaged units.

"Heal" restores the specified amount of health, meaning that it cannot bring the health higher than maximum, which is the sum of base unit health and all the health buffs active.


You can indeed heal enemy units, although the game will ask for confirmation if you do.

Card with Heal[edit]

Card Color Rarity Text
Abaddon Abaddon Green Green Uncommon Uncommon Active Cooldown 2: Fully heal Abaddon and give it Damage Immunity this round.

Bloodseeker Bloodseeker Black Black Common Common Fully heal Bloodseeker after a unit blocking it dies.

Fountain Flask Fountain Flask {{}} Basic Basic Fully heal a unit.

Hand of God Hand of God Green Green Rare Rare Fully heal each ally. Give allies Damage Immunity this round.

Healing Salve Healing Salve {{}} Basic Basic Heal a unit 6.

Omniknight Omniknight Green Green Rare Rare Active Cooldown 2: Heal a unit 3.

Restoration Effort Restoration Effort Green Green Uncommon Uncommon Heal your tower 8.

Roseleaf Rejuvenator Roseleaf Rejuvenator Green Green Uncommon Uncommon Play Effect: Heal your tower 7.

Rumusque Vestments Rumusque Vestments {{}} Common Common Equipped hero has +1 Armor.

Active Cooldown 2: Heal a unit 4.

Selfish Cleric Selfish Cleric Green Green Common Common Fully heal Selfish Cleric after the combat phase.