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Welcome to the Artifact Wiki! You are now one of 1,886 users maintaining this wiki. Thank you for your help!

This page should help you getting started and answer some of your basic questions. For a more in-depth guide, take a look at the MediaWiki user help.

Creating your account[edit]

First off, you should create your account. Otherwise, your IP adress will be visible publically for every edit you make. It also enables you to change your Preferences, like your preferred date format and theme (we provide a dark theme as well though it is still in development and might be a little buggy sometimes).

How can I help?[edit]

If you don't know where to start, that's fine! Simply using this wiki and fixing typos or any inconsistencies you may find is enough. Be sure to provide summaries for your edits so that everyone knows what exactly you have improved.

There is always a lot to do, for example:

  • Correcting false or outdated information
  • Improving the language of an article
  • Adding new information after an update

Take a look at the To-Do list for things to do or at the Recent changes to see what others are working on!

If you have any information about the game you want to add, or any ideas that you want to implement, you can leave a message about it in the discussion part of the relevant page.

You can always join the Artifact Wiki Discord and talk to other members of our team to know what else needs to be done.


To start editing, click on the "EDIT" button on the top right of a page. You are now viewing the source code of that page. It might look overwhelming, but is not that complicated.


Info Icon.png See also: MediaWiki formatting help for a longer tutorial.

Here is an overview over the most important formatting features:

You type You get
== Header 1 == Header 1
=== Header 2 === Header 2
==== Header 3 ==== Header 3
''Italic Text'' Italic Text
'''Bold Text''' Bold Text
'''''Bold Italic Text''''' Bold Italic Text
[[Heroes|Link to the Heroes page]] Link to the Heroes page
[ Link to the Artifact Website] Link to the Artifact Website
* Item 1
** Item 1.1
* Item 2
* Item 3
  • Item 1
    • Item 1.1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3


Info Icon.png See also: MediaWiki template help for a longer tutorial.

Templates are special pages in the Wiki that can be included on other sites to ensure consistent formatting and avoid copy&pasting.

When you are editing a page, you can easily recoginize Templates, as they are sourrounded by curly brackets. For example, {{Gold}} uses the Gold-Template and looks like this: Gold Icon.png Gold. You can always find a template's page in the Template: namespace, for example, the Gold template can be found at Template:Gold. Every template page also provides a Documentation with a preview and usage instructions.

For more complex templates, you might want to easily change small portions of the content. When creating a hero box, you want to include the heroes' stats and color. Let's take the Quote template as an example. For a quote, we want to include a text and a source. Then we write:

|text   = Here goes my text
|source = This is my source}}

As you can see, the Template is still sourrounded by curly brackets and shows its name, but this time, it has two arguments (text and source), seperated by the '|' character. A template might have many more arguments and often some are optional. Always look at the documentation to see what you need to include.

For other templates, like the Hero ID template the arguments don't have names and they use the syntax: {{<name> | <argument1> | <argument2> | ... }}.

You can also create your own templates, for that, please review the MediaWiki template help.


Info Icon.png See also: MediaWiki Scribunto extension for more information.