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Before reading this guide, it's recommended that you complete the Game Tutorial, or read trough it's page on this wiki, to get a grip at the basics of the game.


One versus One[edit]

The main gamemode, in which you face off another player in a battle to destroy each other's Ancients.

Differences between ranked and casual[edit]

Casual, the default setting, is prefered for players who are only starting to learn the game, or for people who wish to relax and play the game in a less serious enviroment.
Ranked, unlike casual, uses a rating system to match players of similar skill, providing for a fair and challenging matchup.

Tips and tricks[edit]

  • In order to win, you most destroy 2 of 3 enemies towers, or destroy a tower and then the enemy Ancient.
  • You may need to destroy other buildings first before the ancient can be attacked.


Visit the Strategies page to learn of community-created guides.

Recommended both for newer players learning to play the game, and for more skilled players wishing to learn more diffictult and rewarding Strategies.

Recommended starting desks are X and Y