Jeep Barnett

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Jeep Barnett
Position: Programmer
Project(s): Valve:

- Artifact (2018)
- The Lab (2016)
- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2013)
- Team Fortress 2: Mann Vs machine (2012)
- Portal 2 (2011)
- Alien Swarm (2010)

- Narbacular Drop (2005)
Steam jeepbarnett
Reddit /u/JeepBarnett
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Jeep Barnett is a game designer at Valve who was hired with most of the Nuclear Monkey Software team to make Portal.

He was involved in multiple other games made by Valve, and was recently confirmed to be a part of the Artifact team by Tyler McVicker of VNN.[1]

"Jeep quit his janitorial job at Fred Meyer to turn his programming hobby into a career. Jeep's love of video games (and fear of returning to a life of toilet scrubbing) drove him to earn a B.S. Degree from the DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA. His senior game project, Narbacular Drop, morphed into Portal after Valve hired Jeep and his DigiPen teammates."

- Valve Corporation: People at Valve

Known projects and info[edit]

He is known for his involvement with making the Portal 2 board game, 7 Seize board game, Left 4 Dead, L4D2, Alien Swarm, Portal 2 Co-Op and Peer Review DLC, TF2 Pyromania and Mann Vs Machine Updates, CS:GO Arms Deal Update, and others.

He seems to be really interested in VR, and frequents the /r/vive and /r/oculus subreddits, which in itself hints at a possible VR support for artifact.

He frequents the /r/Artifact subreddit, speaking up to shut down any fake leaks that appear. He stated before that the devteam won't be able to share info on the game before an official announcement is made.


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