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With only little information available about Artifact, this page will contain all media sources of confirmed play testers and media events.

For a collection of the information featured in these sources, visit Known information.


Official Resources[edit]

These are official resources provided by Valve.


Articles and videos produced by confirmed playtesters of Artifact.


The International 7[edit]

At TI 7 (2017-08-08), Artifact has been announced, featuring a Teaser, with a releasedate of 2018. Afterwards, the host Sean "Day[9]" Plott gives a brief description of the game (note that some information might be outdated):


"If you’ve played previous trading card games, it has a lot of similarities in terms of having creatures and spells that you can cast onto the board. But, in this game, anything you see in DOTA, is here. It’s not just one board, it’s three boards. You control five heroes, deploy them among the different lanes, and creeps spawn every turn. The heroes you play in DOTA can be played here, like Bounty Hunter, who can cast track on an enemy hero. Killing the hero provides extra gold, which can be used to buy item cards and equipped to your heroes. It’s a cool experience, because you feel like a commander among the huge battlefield, moving from lane to lane."


"This sounds amazing as a whole, because there are so many people who like DOTA but do not have the time commitment to invest into the game, or they only watch tournaments. This is a great outlet for those people to enjoy DOTA while avoiding the stress that comes with it."


"Artifact is a very different experience than playing DOTA, as DOTA has these mechanics like last hitting and other aspects. Artifact, on the other hand, has really interesting cards and behaviors, like improvement cards, which allow you to cast spells on different lanes, which continue to upkeep every single turn. I played a game where I was losing in two lanes and kept building more barracks in the third lane and flooding my opponent with creeps. It’s nice, because often card games can very complex, and virtually any question you would have about how the game works can be solved by referencing DOTA 2."

Transcript by /u/Sixen

March 08 Media Event[edit]

At 2018-03-08, Valve held a media event at the Valve HQ, featuring a presentation by Gabe Newell and the possibility to play a couple of rounds of Artifact with premade card decks.

Confirmed participants of this event are gameinformer, IGN, PC Gamer and PCGamesN.

July 22 Leak[edit]

At 2018-07-22, a participant of the closed beta leaked a screenshot of the deck builder, confirming multiple new cards (such as and ) and revealing the first UI outside of a match.

Leaked Deck Builder screenshot.

PAX West public showing[edit]

At 2018-08-31, the game has its first public showing on the PAX West in Seattle, WA. Participants will be able to play the game, compete in a single elemination tournament and be rewarded with Artifact merchandise, including signed prints of artwork and two keys for free copies of the game. [1]

September 25 Leak[edit]

At 2018-09-25, a chinese player with access to the closed beta streamed a game of Artifact and showed serveral new cards as well as more elements of the Deck Builder.


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