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File Name Transcription
intro The Veiled Sisterhood gave me everything. My life. My skills. My family... My very purpose. So when the Veiled Oracles provide me a list of names, I never question what it is I need to do.
coup_de_gras_intro I'm immoral, not a sadist. If I am asked to kill you it will be clean and quick.
slip_into_shadow_intro My task in Revtel has set many events into motion. A new Merchant King will rise to stand alongside Sunbreeze and the Brass Herald. The Relic Slayer has grown bolder in Iron Fog... and the Veiled Sisterhood is now at war with Revtel... but all of this was seen by the Veiled Oracles and all is as it needs to be.
equip_generic_weapon_01 There's no weapon I can't wield.
equip_generic_weapon_02 Nothing will get between me and my quarry.
equip_generic_weapon_03 I'll use this to fulfill my mission.
equip_generic_weapon_04 The sisters trained me well.
equip_generic_weapon_05 No one can survive my wrath.
equip_generic_armor_01 I won't stop fighting.
equip_generic_armor_02 This will keep me in the fight.
equip_generic_armor_03 Perfect
equip_generic_armor_04 Just what I needed.
equip_generic_armor_05 I won't be denied
equip_generic_accessory_01 This will help me on my mission.
equip_generic_accessory_02 I'll make good use of this.
equip_generic_accessory_03 I know how to use this.
equip_generic_accessory_04 My prey doesn't have a chance.
equip_generic_accessory_05 This is perfect for this task.
kill_rival_01 Another name off my list.
kill_rival_02 Effortless.
kill_rival_03 I was trained well.
kill_rival_04 They never had a chance.
kill_rival_05 No one can deny the sisterhood.
kill_rival_06 No one is beyond my reach.
kill_rival_07 The veiled sisters will not be denied.
kill_rival_08 Your death was foretold.
kill_rival_09 The phantom strikes...
kill_rival_10 The oracles foretold your death...
use_include_01 My specialty...
use_include_02 I'll make this quick.
use_include_03 You won't feel a thing.
unique_01 Goodbye Maiden.
unique_02 I'm sure your sister will mourn you...
unique_03 I fear no god.
unique_04 You're no god, Zeus... just a man.
unique_05 I don't fear the moonlight, I use it.
unique_06 I'll send you to your goddess.
unique_07 You've suffered enough, I'll grant you a quick death.
unique_08 A death befitting the last child of Slom...
unique_09 Don't worry, you'll be back soon enough.
unique_10 Let the revolution die with you.
unique_11 Let's get to work sisters...
unique_12 The Veiled Sisterhood stands united.
unique_13 Let's remove some names from our lists, sisters...
unique_14 No one will escape my blade.
unique_15 Again I don the Veil.
unique_16 I'm ready to fulfill my purpose.
unique_17 The Merchant Kings should know better than to send you after me.
unique_18 It's not everyday I get to kill a god.
unique_19 No one is untouchable... not even the Quorum.
unique_20 The Quorum would be wise to stay in Weeping Rose.
healed_01 Ahhh
healed_02 Thank you.
healed_03 I won't forget this.
healed_04 I'm grateful.
healed_05 Thanks.
taunt_generic_01 We can destroy the ancient!
taunt_generic_02 Victory is in our grasp!
taunt_generic_03 The final name on my list...
taunt_generic_04 Let's end this now...
taunt_generic_05 This battle is ours to lose.
taunt_generic_06 Destroy their ancient!
taunt_generic_07 I will bring us victory!
taunt_generic_08 Kill anyone between you and the Ancient...
taunt_generic_09 It's all according to plan...
taunt_generic_10 It's time to finish the job...
potential_kill_01 There's no escape.
potential_kill_02 You can't prevent this.
potential_kill_03 You've been chosen. Don't fight it.
potential_kill_04 I'm sorry, it's not personal.
potential_kill_05 You can't escape my blade.
potential_save_01 I'm not ready to die...
potential_save_02 I still have work to do...
potential_save_03 You'll have to try better than that...
potential_save_04 I don't think so.
potential_save_05 You don't know who you're dealing with, do you...
permanent_armor_01 Good.
permanent_armor_02 I have to be ready for anything.
permanent_armor_03 I need to outlast my prey.
permanent_armor_04 The oracles expect much from me, I must be ready.
permanent_armor_05 Ready to fight.
permanent_attack_01 I'm stronger now.
permanent_attack_02 I get better every day.
permanent_attack_03 Never stop training.
permanent_attack_04 Death is coming...
permanent_attack_05 I'm ready for the next name on my list.
permanent_health_01 Nothing will deny me victory.
permanent_health_02 More training never hurts.
permanent_health_03 I'm a survivor.
permanent_health_04 My missions will only grow harder, I must be ready.
permanent_health_05 My task awaits.
cast_spell_01 From the shadows I strike...
cast_spell_02 They'll never see this coming.
cast_spell_03 Strike swift and assured.
cast_spell_04 No assassin is my equal.
cast_spell_05 Death by my hand is an honor.
cast_spell_06 I don't know why you were chosen, just that you must die.
cast_spell_07 The Oracles' sealed your fate.
cast_spell_08 Death awaits you.
cast_spell_09 The veiled sisterhood will not be denied.
cast_spell_10 The only mercy I can give is a quick death.
File:01 Phantom Assassin 10047 response death 01.mp3 death_01 Screams