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"When attacked during a battle (even outside of the combat phase) deal this much extra damage to the attackers."

- Artifact Tooltip

Attacking a unit that has retaliate will force the attacker to take damage in return.

Retaliate is shown as four spikes on each side of the card. (See screenshot)

Retaliate as it appears in game


  • Retaliate happens even if the attacked unit is Disarmed or is attacking another target.
  • Retaliate will deal damage even if the attacked unit is damage immune And took no damage.

Cards with retaliate[edit]

Card Color Rarity Text
Aphotic Shield Aphotic Shield Green Green Uncommon Uncommon Purge your opponent's effects from a unit. Give that unit +2 Armor and +2 Retaliate this round.

Barbed Mail Barbed Mail {{}} Common Common Equipped hero has +1 Armor and +2 Retaliate.

Burning Oil Burning Oil Red Red Uncommon Uncommon Your tower has +2 Retaliate.

Centaur Warrunner Centaur Warrunner Red Red Rare Rare Centaur Warrunner has +2 Retaliate.

Ion Shell Ion Shell Green Green Common Common Modify a unit with +3 Retaliate.

Legion Commander Legion Commander Red Red Uncommon Uncommon Legion Commander has +2 Retaliate.

Time of Triumph Time of Triumph Red Red Rare Rare Modify allied heroes with +4 Attack, +4 Armor, +4 Health, +4 Cleave, +4 Retaliate, and +4 Siege.