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This is a page a-la wikipedia article about the game. should contain:

(note that this page should not be too large in size)

  • A short explanation of the game as the introductionary sentence. along the lines of "Is a digital card game released in 20XX by valve, etc"
  • A pretty game card with following info:
  1. the picture of the game - probably from steamstore or the main splashscreen or something, for now the images from teaser can do.
  2. Developer/published - Valve.
  3. Creators: Brandon Reinhart, probably, seeing as he's the project lead. other ppl too, we'll know better who to place here when the game releases.
  4. Date of announcement: 8'th of August 2017
  5. Date of release: ???
  6. Genre: TCG/CCG/???
  7. Platforms: PC, Mobile? Mac? linux?
  8. Engine: Source 2?
  9. Gamemodes: Singleplayer, multiplayer, coop?
  • Gameplay - short explanation for how the gameplay works, for each gamemode there is.
  • Differences and improvements in comparison to other digital card games (perhaps make this a different page and link it?)
  • PC requirements and in-game settings (add here or link to another page?)
  • Development and release - any interesting info could be put here.
  • Reviews - self explanatory

No other ideas for now, if you come up with anything let us know in this talk page. --Breezing wing (talk) 15:58, 11 September 2017 (EDT)